Ben Hall Refuses To Participate In Ms. Parker’s Election Scheme 

Stands Up For Voters Against 16-Year Entrenched Incumbent & Her Cronies

October 11, 2013

Mayoral candidate Ben Hall has canceled a joint screening with the Houston Chronicle editorial staff and Ms. Annise Parker. The cancellation follows after weeks of requests to the Chronicle to open the screening process to the general public or members of the media. No allowance was made for the Hall campaign to film the meeting for distribution. Negotiations with the Chronicle ended in a disrespectful “No” from their executive vice president.

The Chronicle refuses to scrutinize Ms. Parker’s record or to cover her failures. They are all but silent on her corrupt pay-to-play practices, her lies and mismanagement of the drainage fee, her lack of solutions to the pension liabilities, her ethical violations and financial improprieties, and her use of pet projects to fool voters into believing she has solutions to Houston’s real challenges. Voters deserve to know but the Chronicle does not feel that it is in their interest to tell them.

“The Chronicle has failed to provide unfiltered information or to inform the Houston electorate, instead serving as a megaphone for the interests of Ms. Parker and her cronies,” said Julia Smekalina, press secretary for the Ben Hall campaign. “This final refusal to accommodate increased transparency and access is further evidence of their loyalty to only a select few at City Hall.”

In light of this week’s mayoral debate, it became even more evident that voters deserve more opportunities to hear their top candidates challenge one another’s record, positions, and visions for Houston. The editorial screening was a perfect opportunity to increase access but the Chronicle’s refusal to go against the demands of the Mayor once again showed the true intentions of the newspaper - to spew propaganda for the entrenched and desperate incumbent.

“Ms. Parker’s vindictive campaign turned on voters directly when she forcefully shut down all negotiations for further televised, formal, debate opportunities,” continued Smekalina. “Since the Chronicle failed to place the interests of voters above the selfish agenda of an entrenched incumbent, the Hall campaign has refused to participate in further discussions or events with the newspaper.”

Here are emails and original requests to Jeff Cohen and the Chronicle staff from the Ben Hall campaign.